Contact MeJournalism is my excuse for talking to strangers, asking them questions, being invited into their homes and making stories about them.

I’m from Utah, or consider it home since it’s where I’ve lived the longest. I was born in California, but have lived mostly along the Rocky Mountains. After a short stint in Texas, I made my way to New York City, specifically Harlem.

I was a newspaper reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah and a middle school math and science teacher in San Antonio. While teaching, I learned the power that videos, audio and graphics have in reaching tho se with language and literacy barriers. Multimedia reporting is an incredible way of making news and information accessible to more people.

I’m looking to tell stories in new ways. Most recently, my work has been featured in NYCity News Service, City Limits, and the NY Daily News. Find me on Twitter and Vimeo.
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